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We help technology get built responsibly.

Who we are

The Partnership to Advance Responsible Technology (PART) is a nonprofit organization comprised of multi-skilled stakeholders supporting the responsible development of AI and data-driven technologies and working to grow an equitable and publicly-beneficial technology sector. Our expertise ranges from AI experts, ethicists, business leaders, legal consults, and policy experts, which we combine to develop unique solutions to problems involved in cross-sector and cross-community applications of data and AI technologies.

Why this is important

Rapid advancements across sectors and industries indicate that our collective future will be heavily shaped by the development of emerging technologies in a number of disciplinary domains. Simultaneously, we see these advances challenge many of our shared values, such as equity, fairness, privacy, security, respect, and accountability. Experts and stakeholders must work together to ensure that we usher technology in the right direction for the benefit of the many. Strategies that advance ethical values in our technologies must come first regardless of organizational efficiencies and profit-motives. We plan to give home to these efforts.

What we do

  • Educate organizations, leaders, and communities on responsible technology practices.

  • Connect experts and organizations across domains, sectors, and geographies.

  • Consult on complex multi-stakeholder problems such as ethics oversight, data acquisition, and policy development.

  • Research new solutions to ethical problems challenging responsible technology

Our areas of expertise include:

Education and Outreach

  • Conferences and forums

  • Courses and workshops

  • Inclusive innovation initiatives

  • Grassroots community building

Complex Multi-Stakeholder Problems

  • Governance strategies

  • Data Ethics & Auditing

  • Project oversight

  • Partnership development

Research and Thought Leadership

  • Distilling current research for general audiences

  • Housing research that crosses sectors

  • Bringing together experts

  • Reviewing and applying best practices

How to get involved

PART works with stakeholders of all types:

  • Contributors: Partners, sponsors, institutions, data owners, volunteers, community organizers, civic coders, etc.

  • Clients: Problem owners, governments, businesses, trade organizations, philanthropic organizations, nonprofits, NGOs, etc,

If you would like PART’s help with a project, or would like to explore ways to contribute, please contact us below.

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